FCS Data Analysis Notes

Here you will find technical notes on analyzing fluorescence correlation spectroscopy data, divided into the following categories:

What are FCS data outputs?

  1. FCS Output Parameters: An overview of the FCS fitted parameters and their physical relevances.
  2. System Response Parameters: An explanation of fitted system response parameters output by the QuantumXpert FCS Spectrometer

How do I know the data are meaningful?

  1. Choosing Between FCS Fitting Models: Guidelines on choosing the appropriate FCS fitting equations.

How do I draw conclusions from the data?

  1. Averaging Correlation Times vs. Averaging Diffusion Coefficients: A note about the differences in these two data averaging methods.
  2. Interpreting Fitted Fractions in FCS: Correcting fitted fractions for differences in counts/particle.

Having trouble analyzing FCS data? See our FCS Troubleshooting Tips.