FCS Assay Development

Here you will find useful information to guide you through the steps of designing and implementing FCS experiments in solution.

FCS Assay Development Steps

  1. Choosing an FCS Assay Type (2 sections): An overview of the interactions that can be measured with FCS and the FCS assay types used to monitor them.
  2. Selecting Control Samples for FCS Assays: Helpful guidelines to aid you in achieving the most robust and meaningful results from your FCS assays using control samples.
  3. Preparing FCS Samples (5 sections): A guide to important sample conditions to consider when designing an FCS assay.
  4. Choosing FCS Acquisition Options: A list of important measurement options to optimize when acquiring FCS data for your assay.
  5. Analyzing FCS Data: See our Analysis Notes Section for guides and tips on analysis of experimental FCS data.
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